Stay Safe – Stay Mentally Healthy – Stay Heart Smart

I just want to encourage you all to stay separate together. I know in this current pandemic it is difficult to maintain a healthy mental health state; especially for the extroverted people in our society. If you need someone to talk to or need someone to check in on you, I am here for you. … More Stay Safe – Stay Mentally Healthy – Stay Heart Smart

Roadblocks to Healing

                I have been slow about posting blogs due to the recent conferences attendance. I will talk about them in the post to come; there was great cutting-edge science presented at both AHA Sessions as well as Kidney Week. I also decided to share this experience because it is my life for the next several … More Roadblocks to Healing

Cardiovascular Disease and Oxidative Stress

The development of cardiovascular disease (CVD) progresses slowly over time and is caused by environmental, genetic, and lifestyle factors. Atherosclerosis, the hardening of the arteries due to lipid accumulation, alters the natural balancing processes that regulate lipid metabolism, the production of inflammatory molecules, and enhance reactive oxygen species (ROS) in cells of the vessel wall. … More Cardiovascular Disease and Oxidative Stress

Goals of my blog page

I am Dr. Anberitha Matthews, Vascular Scientist. I am excited to assist you on your health journey. Hello, it is my desire to write blogs that are scientifically based information to assist in improving vascular health. Additionally, I intend to post recipes that are linked to cutting-edge research that will reduce vascular inflammation that result … More Goals of my blog page