Redefining Health, LLC

Taking A Vascular View at Improving Health

Welcome to my website

I am Dr. Anberitha Matthews, Vascular Scientist. I am excited to assist you on your health journey.

Hello, it is my desire to write blogs that are scientifically based information to assist in improving vascular health. Additionally, I intend to post recipes that are linked to cutting-edge research that will reduce vascular inflammation that result in high blood pressure, diabetes, metabolic disease, obesity, and heart health.

The goal of Redefining Health, LLC is to assist clients with maintaining healthy metabolic levels and becoming advocates of their own health and wellness. Clients will learn in this program how to identify foods that are best for their body type, shop for grocery to maintain healthy eating patterns, perform the best exercise for their ability levels, in addition to identifying with their inner being for financial and spiritual enlightenment as a means of connecting with themselves.